The education of poor and needy children is one of the top priorities at MESSS. We place the utmost importance on helping support the children in their educational pursuits and encourage them to excel at their studies and extracurricular activities. We send the poor children to both public and private schools and colleges based on their prior education. This allows the poor and the farming children to have the opportunity to gain a proper education.

By attending school the spread of child labour is also avoided. Only with a good education can the children have the opportunity to escape poverty and bring progress and development to their villages. If they know how to read and write they can then pass on this knowledge within the village and consequently open up more job varieties to others also. Rather than the likelihood of having a job as a farm worker or gardener they now have the possibility to become a teacher, nurse, accountant, etc.

Due to this, the situation in the entire village improves. When they make a large step away from poverty, they make a huge leap towards progress and security. As such, the main, long term solution is to help them so that they can survive without the dependence of others.

We also provide them with extensive coaching and guest lectures by many social workers, care takers and well-wishers on various aspects of science and technology.
We give them school textbooks, notebooks, learning material and kits to aid them in their learning development.

We also encourage them to pursue creative skills, sports and games for better all-round growth. We also sponsor the educational expenses of children from poorer families in the backward areas of Kadapa, Vijayawada Dump. We provide them with free school books and uniforms.

Bridge School;
Bridge School for Dropout Children

In our effort to encourage children to continue their education, we sponsor and enroll them in formal schools to increase their education. But, in the case of children who had a prolonged leave of absence from school, it is difficult to bring them up to the level of the other children attending school. This is a challenging task.

To raise the level of understanding and skills of the children, we have an exclusive Bridge School. The child-friendly curriculum at Bridge School supports these children so that they enhance their understanding of the curriculum.

After successful completion of the Bridge School program, children are enrolled into regular schools for further education. Thus, our Bridge School improves the child's academic level so that they can work towards a more promising future.

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