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Margaret’s Educational & Social Service Society (MESSS) is a registered ( Regd.No.16 / 2013 ) and well recognized N.G.O under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act 35 of 2001. It was set up in 2013 at ChennaReddypalli, Pittigunta (Post), Kalasapadu (Mandal), Kadapa ( Dist)– 516 217, Andhra Pradesh in South India to Light Up a Life of the Poor, the Weak and the Marginalized.

‘‘MARGARET’’ in Sanskrit “Manjari” meaning “PEARL” or “CLUSTER OF BLOSSOMS”
(M- Motivated A-adaptable R- respectful G-generous A-amiable R-reliable E-eager T-trustworthy)

MESSS has helped many individual families to have a dignified life and provided drinking water and sanitation trainings for the last seven years. MESSS has worked with communities on Adult Literacy, Health preventive and curative aspects, Livelihood, Agriculture, Disaster Preparedness, Relief and rehabilitation programs, Environmental Issues & Vocational Training / upgrading of skills. MESSS continues to work with the poor, the weak, & the marginalized communities and have several ‘ready to go’ project plans to build on the great work already completed to reach other communities, but they urgently need funding to make things happen. ‘‘Securing funding within India is extremely difficult, particularly as we are LOWER CASTE, (scheduled caste DALIT) people’’ says the Founder Pater Saimon Gudime. So he has been working tirelessly since 2013 to attract foreign funding to MESSS.

Sri. B. Sriramulu Garu , (MESSS – President) is honored by the kadapa district teachers association for his great service to the Poor and Needy.

Papireddypalle, Varikuntla, Uppalur and Chennareddypalli( Kalasapadu & Kasinayana mandals) area is one of the poorest of the poor places of Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh of South India. It is located 88.7 kms, away from kadapa. It is a remote and an interior village area, surrounded by 70 other villages, within the radius of 20 to 40 km. away from the main road in which low level of Socio-economic condition is prevailing. Since it is a backward and drought area, it is very difficult to find daily work at least for five months continuously in a year. So the men and women from this area find that they must leave their villages for 4 to 6 months to find a work in the areas where there are factories. It is not practical to take their children over five years old with them on their trips, so they leave them at home with elderly relatives who are unable to give them the stimulation, nutrition and care that they need.


Margaret’s Educational & Social Service Society (MESSS) was set up in 2013 at Chennareddypalli, with a broad vision and mission to Light Up a Life of the Poor, the Weak and the Marginalized.

FOUNDER Pater Saimon Gudime

The Founder, Pater Saimon Gudime is a Dalit from lower middle caste and has suffered lifelong discrimination through India's unfair Caste system, which classes people according to their birth, so he understands the problems that the communities face and is committed to making a change.

Due to poor infrastructure and difficulties of access, the communities of Chennareddy palle, Papireddy palle, Uppalur and surrounding villages have limited communication facilities, limited access to drinking water, education or skill training and healthcare.

"MESSS is started in the name of my beloved mother MARGARET and I am very grateful to all the kind hearted people, who have been the backbone of MESSS " says the founder.

“I am very satisfied, impressed and motivated by the noble works of the MESSS. The fair and clear works are done by it. All the works done by this N.G.O are useful and uplifting the poor, the weak and the marginalized in the society. Many are being benefitted by MESSS in the form of clean drinking water, food, clothes, medicines, education, houses and other income generating programs(IGP). Indeed I am very glad to be a part of this noble mission work of MESSS as a volunteer.” says Mrs. Antonina RIGA, Latvia.

Our Vision

To Establish a just society of liberty, equality and fraternity, where all people irrespective of caste and creed will live together and promote a just and sustainable social order based on the divine values of Love, Peace, Joy and Solidarity.

The foundation of our Mission:
To Light up a Life of the poor, the weak and the marginalized.
To bring good news to the poor.
To heal the broken hearted.

Our Mission

To unify all the available development forces and resources of the communities in order to restore the Human Dignity of the Poor, the Weak, Needy, Oppressed, Marginalized and Disadvantaged through the process of Animation and Motivation leading to sustainable development.

Helping hands are better than praying lips.

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