"Light Up a Life of the Poor, the Weak and the Marginalized"

MESSS has countless needs to help the poor and needy

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Poverty, Clean Drinking Water, Food & Clothes, Housing, Health & Education, Child Sponsorship & Development, Skill Development, Family Development, Women Empowerment, Justice & Equality, Rights, Mainstreaming Disabled, Environment and many more.


To unify all the available development forces and resources of the communities in order to restore the Human Dignity of the Poor, the Weak, Needy, Oppressed, Marginalized and Disadvantaged through the process of Animation and Motivation leading to sustainable development.

Helping hands are better than praying lips.

Welcome To MESSS

Margaret’s Educational & Social Service Society (MESSS) is a registered ( Regd.No.16 / 2013 ) and well recognized N.G.O under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act 35 of 2001. It was set up in 2013 at Chennareddypalli, Pittigunta (Post), Kalasapadu (Mandal), Kadapa (Dist)– 516 217, Andhra Pradesh in South India to Light Up a Life of the Poor, the Weak and the Marginalized.

"MARGARET" in Sanskrit "Manjari" meaning "PEARL" or "CLUSTER OF BLOSSOMS"
(M- Motivated A-adaptable R- respectful G-generous A-amiable R-reliable E-eager T-trustworthy)



People are living in desperate conditions without clean drinking water, proper food, clothes and shelter at Kadapa and Tirupati city Dumps. They collect plastic for recycling on the fly infested tip, earning up to 180 rupees (2 Pounds) per adult per a day to feed the whole family. The bright life of the children is spoiled by involving them in the work to pick up plastic from the rubbish at the dump. They work barefoot and get cuts on their hands and feet. They become sick very easily because of lack of clean water, nutrition food, sufficient clothes, shelter and die off soon because, their parents cannot afford to spend money in the hospital for treatment. These are the forgotten children in the society. MESSS is working for them day in and day out to light up their life for a change. We provide them clean drinking water, food, clothes, medical care with our limited sources now. But we want build 63 houses and toilets for them outside the dump area with all the facilities of clean drinking water, electricity supply..etc. we also want to build a Residential Hostel for the children, make them to be safe and give them good food, clothes and educational materials and send them to the government school. This can only help them to come out of their desperate situation.
MESSS is asking for sponsors to come forward to support us for this noble cause.

Today your gift can make us unstoppable in the fight to end poverty – for good.


Our Facilities

We are blessed with a beautiful and accessible facility and recognize it as a gift by which we can serve our community. But we also need to build a Community Hall for multipurpose use of Life Skills and Retraining. We want Volunteers and Funding urgently. Please help us to help them. Pledge a donation now even if it is a small.