We strive to make the poor children, youth and elders at home more socially responsive and friendly. We encourage them to understand the concepts of various healths, educational and environmental issues.

Emergency AID

We conduct regular medical and health-care check-up camps for the children, youth and elders of the backward villages. We encourage physical wellbeing among our beneficiaries. We also organize various awareness programmes and campaigns on Cancer Detection, HIV/AIDS, Health and Hygiene.
We also organize free medical camps in various rural backward areas of Kadapa for the benefit of the poor and needy people.
We arrange blood donation camps and programme to encourage people to donate blood for various blood donation banks.

We organize numerous health and awareness programmes such as:

  • Free Medical Programmes
  • Free Blood Donation Programmes
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Programmes
  • Educational Programmes
  • Plantation and Garden Developments
  • Ecology and Environmental Development Programmes
  • Organic Cultivation and Agriculture
  • Dairy and Animal Farming
  • Bird Sanctuaries


The education of poor and needy children is one of the top priorities at MESSS. We place the utmost importance on helping support the children in their educational pursuits and encourage them to excel at their studies and extracurricular activities. We send the poor children to both public and private schools and colleges based on their prior education. This allows the poor and the farming children to have the opportunity to gain a proper education.

By attending school the spread of child labour is also avoided. Only with a good education can the children have the opportunity to escape poverty and bring progress and development to their villages. If they know how to read and write they can then pass on this knowledge within the village and consequently open up more job varieties to others also. Rather than the likelihood of having a job as a farm worker or gardener they now have the possibility to become a teacher, nurse, accountant, etc.

Due to this, the situation in the entire village improves. When they make a large step away from poverty, they make a huge leap towards progress and security. As such, the main, long term solution is to help them so that they can survive without the dependence of others.

We also provide them with extensive coaching and guest lectures by many social workers, care takers and well-wishers on various aspects of science and technology.
We give them school textbooks, notebooks, learning material and kits to aid them in their learning development.

We also encourage them to pursue creative skills, sports and games for better all-round growth. We also sponsor the educational expenses of children from poorer families in the backward areas of Kadapa, Tirupati Dump. We provide them with free school books and uniforms.

Bridge School for Dropout Children

In our effort to encourage children to continue their education, we sponsor and enroll them in formal schools to increase their education. But, in the case of children who had a prolonged leave of absence from school, it is difficult to bring them up to the level of the other children attending school. This is a challenging task.

To raise the level of understanding and skills of the children, we have an exclusive Bridge School. The child-friendly curriculum at Bridge School supports these children so that they enhance their understanding of the curriculum.

After successful completion of the Bridge School program, children are enrolled into regular schools for further education. Thus, our Bridge School improves the child's academic level so that they can work towards a more promising future.


The older children who did not receive an early childhood education are encouraged to attend technical and vocational skills learning programmes. This allows them to gain the skills they require to acquire a paid job. We offer these technical and vocational training programmes under the guidance of trained instructors and experts.

Throughout their time in the course, we monitor the progress of the older members and also teach them basic marketing skills to support their technical competencies.

We provide Training in the following Courses:

  • Tailoring
  • Making Garments
  • Embroidery
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Technology
  • Offset Printing
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computers
  • Book Binding
  • Painting
  • Pickle Making
  • Footwear making and many more


We educate the children about the environment and social ecosystems.
We organize various educational awareness programmes on environmental issues like pollution, ecosystem balance in the society by developing educational/teaching materials and aids for making children easily understand environmental issues. We also seek the support of the government, media and other organizations to support our endeavours. This raises people’s awareness for the preservation and conservation of the environment.

Nature Cure

We advocate the importance of Nature Cure as a system of medicine aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of any human ailment, pain or injury through the use of the natural elements - Sky, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
We encourage our beneficiaries to be aware of the effective usage of nature cure. We have naturally cultivated fields and use organic farming methods to plant and grow various nutritious leafy vegetables and fruits for our own consumption.
We encourage the children, youth and elders to learn how to garden and take care of the plants and trees.

Agriculture, Bio-Energy, Future Plans

MESSS eco spirituality and environmental philosophy is to protect the Mother Earth and to promote the clean and green campus. To make this dream a reality, we have the following guiding principles.

Food Projects Join the HANDS for HUNGER Stomachs

“Feed the Poor” (F.P BOX) at Hotels, Hostels & Marriage Function Halls-Kadapa & Tirupati City –food supply By a Vehicle: There is a vibrant community living and working at the Kadapa & Tirupati City Dump. They live in make shift tents, have no access to clean water or toilets. They often have cuts on their hands and their feet as they walk barefoot and sort through the rubbish with no hand protection. The children play among the rubbish, they have no access to education, yet they are bright, fun loving, intelligent and hopeful for a better future. Many poor People are starving for food, but on the other side, Lot of food is wasted and thrown in Dust bins at city Hotels, Hostels and Marriage Function Halls, what people left over on the tables. People have many varieties of food items on the table when they order but they cannot eat up every item, so they leave them on the tables without touching them even. So the MESSS has started F.P BOX in the Hotels, Hostels & Marriage Function Halls at city to gather the food by a rented vehicle to supply to the poor people at city dumps and the beggars on the streets. Managing authorities are kind & cooperative with MESSS to feed the poor, hungry people through F.P BOX instead of throwing away the food in Dust Bins. They also make phone call to MESSS office and inform on special occasions when food is available. It has become very successful for the poor and hunger stomachs. MESSS needs a vehicle to supply them with food and medical care and wash facilities on the dump and Homes outsides of the dump area. They need shoes, gloves and masks…etc

MESSS is asking for sponsors to come forward to support to help them for a change.

Nature of Land of MESSS:

The nature of the land of MESSS is dry, hard, rocky and infertile

Total Hectors of Land:

5 Hectors

Dead Stones into Life:

The land of MESSS is full of hard stones and deep rocky stones. Such dead soil with hard stones is now converted into life giving source for many poor children and widows by transporting nearly 2,000 trucks of fertile soil from the lake nearby.

Thorns into Flowers:

The land of MESSS was full of wild thorns and bushes. Due to rocky ground, only thorny plants used to grow. Now after the transportation of good soil, thorns are converted into the beautiful flowers of life.

Production of Bio-Energy:

The MESSS with its deep philosophy of eco-respect and eco-balancing has made plans Bio-gas plant Generation, Bio-electric Generation, Bio Organic Vegetables, bio farming free from chemicals, production of Bio Corns & Rice, Solar Water Heaters as part of future self sustainability.

Creation of Work:

While developing the rocky land into fertile soil, we have created more Employment and work for Poor People and less use of Machinery; so that those poor families below poverty line have benefitted with money and food to feed their hungry children.

Margaret's Dairy Farm - Love & Care for Animals

Animals are beautiful creation of God to give happiness and health to the human beings. Our zoological philosophy has inspired us to grow buffalos, cows, sheep / goat and rabbits. Those cattle provide milk, nutrition, meat, cheese / butter, butter milk, yogurt, ghee and cow-dung for plants fertility and bio-compost.
No. of Buffalos = 10 & Baby buffalos = 10
No. of Cows = 10 & calves ( baby cows ) = 10
No. of Rabbits = 30

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